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Feb 28, 2019

Building a synergistic relationship with clients is an objective that many entrepreneurs set out to accomplish, and on this new episode, we get Tammi’s insight into the first step towards achieving this goal, identifying who your ideal clients are and obtaining their business. Stay tuned to get invaluable tips that may help you achieve this goal for your business.

The Blueprint Process host Tammi Brannan has a unique ability to see people's potential and success clues before they do. Throughout these conversations, you'll hear people's BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal - her favorite thing) and you may even identify your BHAG while you listen.

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Show Notes

  • Your relationship with your client - 0:58
  • Creating value for your client - 1:15
  • Doing what you love - 1:31
  • Tips to identify your ideal client -  2:09
  • Expanding your mind - 3:08
  • Reconsider your message - 3:43
  • Who is your audience?- 4:29
  • People who need and want to listen - 4:57
  • Figuring out who your ideal client is - 6:06
  • Feeling energized - 7:42
  • Being more selective - 8:31
  • Make two lists of clients - 9:09
  • Providing value to a select group - 10:05

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