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Feb 21, 2019

Self-knowledge as the first step towards wisdom will be the topic of this episode, as we listen to Tammi talk about how this concept applies to the Blueprint philosophy and how understanding yourself enables you to find your misión on earth.

The Blueprint Process host Tammi Brannan has a unique ability to see people's potential and success clues before they do. Throughout these conversations, you'll hear people's BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal - her favorite thing) and you may even identify your BHAG while you listen.

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Show Notes

  • From surviving to thriving  - 1:39
  • It all begins with research - 1:44
  • What goes on in our heads - 2:20
  • Studying yourself - 2:44
  • Self-knowledge is the beginning - 3:22
  • Identifying what makes you unique - 4:30
  • Conviction and focus - 5:20
  • Helping you understand yourself - 5:39
  • Fulfilling your purpose on Earth - 7:19
  • The power behind self-knowledge - 7:50
  • Tammi shares her purpose on Earth - 8:44
  • Studying your uniqueness- 9:09

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